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bowel [bowel bowels] BrE [ˈbaʊəl] NAmE [ˈbaʊəl] noun
1. countable, usually plural the tube along which food passes after it has been through the stomach, especially the end where waste is collected before it is passed out of the body: (medical)to empty/move/open your bowels (= to pass solid waste out of the body)
bowel cancer/cancer of the bowel
2. the bowels of sthplural (literary)the part that is deepest inside sth
A rumble came from the bowels of the earth (= deep underground).

Word Origin:
Middle English: from Old French bouel, from Latin botellus, diminutive of botulus ‘sausage’.

Example Bank:
Patients are asked to report any change in bowel habit.
irritable bowel syndrome

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